Top Display Advertising Trends In 2024

Top Display Advertising Trends In 2024 

Display Advertising thrives on visual brand promotion through video ads, banners, animation, posters and more to enhance customer value.  It is a hot marketing trend in 2024, with brands committed to capture target market, elevating engagement with multi-media advertising. 

Thanks to Google’s AI-powered solutions, marketers craft tailored ad creatives in various formats to effectively reach audiences.  Plus, running Google display advertising drives conversions by a solid 11%.  

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Display Advertising Trends in 2024

Before jumping into the top display advertising trends in 2024 let’s go through the types of display ads; 

  • Static Ads 
  • Animated ads 
  • Interactive ads (like gamification
  • Video ads 
  • Expanding ads  

Now that we have that covered, let’s take a look at these trends!

Optimized Landing page 

Your landing page is pivotal- it is where users land after clicking your ad, determining whether they are willing to engage further with your call-to-action (CTA). Additionally, for a seamless user journey, optimize your landing page for smooth performance and mobile compatibility. Moreover, showcase your brand and make its achievements stand out on your landing page to leave a lasting impression.  

KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid 

Keep your ad designs simple but compelling! You don’t want your ads to drive someone away with how flashy it looks. Instead, your ads need to covert. Visual media is great for conversion so utilize it to the best, and design your way to success. 

Clear Messaging 

Crystal clear messaging works for display ads as your target audience knows what you want to offer. Provide value through messaging and give the audience something. For instance, give them an enticing offer they can’t resist.  

Utilise programmatic advertising 

Using programmatic advertising provides value as it uses relevant customer data like demographics, geographics, and psychographics to deliver targeted ads. Now, advertise to people who truly matter to your brand. 

What Is LinkedIn’s Take On Display Advertising In 2024? 

LinkedIn’s marketing solutions favour business growth with their revenue exceeding $5 billion in 2022. It is estimated that LinkedIn will capture 50% of all display ad spending in 2024. Moreover, LinkedIn remains crucial for brands targeting the right professional audience with digital display ads.

Why Use LinkedIn Display Ads?

  • Placement: Highly prominent ad spots and fast load times position LinkedIn as a premier inventory space.
  • Trust: Advertise without worry on LinkedIn with their bot-restricted and anti-fraud framework.  
  • Audience: Reach the most extensive network of professionals, thought-leaders, decision-makers, and influencers.
  • Precise Targeting: Use LinkedIn’s unique professional targeting, and integrate your data for precise audience reach. 

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Key Considerations For Display Advertising 

A recent Forbes survey revealed that brands that don’t use video ads in native display advertising are at a disadvantage. 

Video and interactive display ads are becoming the most effective forms of display advertising, with evolving options for B2B marketers. TechTarget’s research shows that buyers exposed to a vendor’s banner through continuous display advertising are 84% more likely to engage while 32% are more likely to consider future purchases. 

Additionally, a review of 100 companies revealed a 151% increase in email engagement rates for marketers running consistent banner ads. 


To sum up, display ads yield stronger results for brands but choosing the right display network is equally vital. We trust our blog provided you with a deeper insight into display ads and the top trends to look out for in 2024. 

Thomas Arnold
March 1, 2024

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