Top 6 Marketing Softwares Every Business Needs in 2024 

Top 6 Marketing Softwares Every Business Needs in 2024 

Are you sitting in your office cubicle wondering how you can manage marketing data? 

Are you overwhelmed with information with no idea of how to organise, or derive insights from data that is profitable for you and your business? 

Fear no more as this blog has you covered with the top six marketing software every business needs in 2024. An overview of each software, its pricing plans, and pros and cons is packaged for you to choose from the top 6 best marketing software for your business

Marketing Hub by HubSpot 

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What does Marketing Hub do?

Marketing Hub allows you to drive traffic to your website, warm up leads from your contact list with personalised content, and nurture relationships at scale.  

Marketing Hub is an all-in-one platform that enables businesses to connect with their most vital stakeholders - employees, investors, and customers. Moreover, the platform provides easy integrations with other tools and systems, enabling a dynamic data-sharing environment. 

Pricing Plans
  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan- $18/month
  • Professional Plan- $800/month
  • Enterprise Plan- $3600/month
Key Features
  • Drives Revenue Through Lead Generation Forms
  • Supports Platforms Like Email, Web Landing Pages, Forms, And More 
  • An Automation Tool That Tracks And Manages Client Contacts And Campaigns 
  • Reporting Tools That Measure Every Campaign 
  • Analytical Tools With Charts, Reports, And Dashboards 
  • Live Chat Support That Greets And Assists Every User 
  • Salesforce Integration 
  • Efficiently handles social media ads, emails, and digital campaigns.
  • Handy UI with the best marketing automation feature. 
  • Easy hosting and deploying of landing pages. 
  • User-friendly mobile app.  
  • Complicated to get started on 
  • Expensive for full features 
  • Lacks customization on certain functional aspects
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Zoho CRM

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What does Zoho CRM do?

Every user or client has different needs, so why not have software that performs dynamically? The software is unique as it lets users segment their market by region, requirement, source, and level of responsiveness. 

Additionally, this segmentation scheme helps businesses curate tailor-made campaigns for each customer. In addition, businesses can appoint sales representatives for lead generation. With this business model, Zoho CRM ensures sales and marketing automation with relationship-building.  

Pricing Plans
  • Standard Plan- €14/month 
  • Professional Plan - €23/month 
  • Enterprise Plan - €40/month 
  • Ultimate Plan - €52/month 

P.S. All Plans Have A Free Trial!

Key Features
  • AI Tool- Offers Lead Predictions, Voice Assistance, Error Detection, Automated Emails, Recommendations, Competitor Alert System, Workflow Suggestions
  • Sales Automation 
  • In-Built Process Management System Tracking Every Customer Journey Step 
  • Channels Supported - Email, Telephone, Social Media, SMS, Live Chat, Web Conferences, Web Portals
  • Customisable Page Layouts, Components, Filters, Forms, Currencies, And Translations 
  • Analytical Tools- Provides Reports, Charts, KPI Insights, Sales-Funnel Insights, Targets 
  • Enables Sales Via- Partner - Relationship Management Systems, Google Workspace, Office 365 Integration, Google Calendar
  • Enables Management Via- Roles, Profiles, And Team Division 
  • Security And Compliance- GDPR & HIPPA
  • Handles leads efficiently and integrates leads with the appropriate sales rep team.
  • The software creates different pricing lists based on geographic locations and customer type.
  • Zoho’s deal module tracks sale opportunities providing estimates, forecasts, and insights to the sales team.
  • One sales team can have access to others data – there is no way to segment each team so that each silo is confidential
  • Can be slow
  • Lack of customisation on templates and licensed items.

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What does Semrush do? 

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing software tool with the combined keyword search functionality of Google Trends, Moz, Hootsuite, and Similar Web. Semrush’s enormous SEO database and efficient backlink crawler help businesses stay ahead of their competitors. Additionally, over 130 countries have access to a sea of the best keywords making this marketing software one step ahead of competition.  

Pricing Plans
  • Pro Plan- $129/month (Free Trial Available)
  • Guru Plan- $249/month (Free Trial Available)
  • Business Plan- $499/month
Key Features
  • 25 billion Keywords 
  • Track On-Site SEO 
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Daily Keyword Tracking In Target-Market Locations 
  • Optimized Link-Building Strategies 
  • Website Auditing With Over 130 Checks 
  • Recommendations On Content And Search-Ranking Improvement 
  • Track And Analyze A Competitor’s Strategy
  • Track And Curate PPC Campaigns  
  • Schedule Social Media Content 
  • Curate And Schedule Reports 
  • Excellent data reporting and visualizing tool. 
  • Crafty link-building tools. 
  • Clever search-intent abilities.
  • Provides data for both organic search and PPC campaigns. 
  • Limited to providing Google data. 
  • Limits access to one user per plan. 
  • Expensive add-ons. 
  • The broken-link analysis tool is not user-friendly. 

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What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce is among the best software for businesses interested in relationship-building with their clients. The software enables this with unified profiles for each customer. Moreover, Salesforce’s AI personalizes campaigns or offers across channels boosting organizational profitability. This software produces optimum results as sales and marketing functions are integrated across accounts. Lastly, this software provides on-time assistance, professional guidance, and support to all its users. 

Pricing Plans
  • Marketing Cloud Personalization Plan- €108,000/year 
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement Plan- €1250/month
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Plan- €1250/month 
  • Data Cloud (For Marketing) Plan- €108,000/year 
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence Plan- €3000/month 
  • Loyalty Management Plan- €20,000/month 
Key Features
  • Actionable Customer Data 
  • Personalized User Journey With AI
  • Sophisticated Marketing Analytical Tools 
  • Increase Customer-Conversions Across Email, Mobile, Ads, And Web
  • Enables Smart Marketing Decision Making Backed By Accurate, Insightful Data 
  • Provides VIP Customer Experiences For Loyal Customers 
  • Automates B2B Marketing 
  • Scores lead based on potential revenue-generation capabilities. 
  • Straightforward implementation process. 
  • Seamless integration features. 
  • User-friendly interface.  
  • Limited customization and automation capabilities. 
  • Required changes to email and landing page builder. 
  • API improvements are required. 
  • Reports lack detail. 

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Monday CRM

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What does Monday CRM do?

Monday CRM is a powerful software with an efficient marketing automation system. The software provides email templates, automation, and campaign-tracking systems. Moreover, it assists users with aspects of social media marketing. All their tools are customizable catering to every organization’s needs. Lastly, Monday CRM provides integrations with a host of platforms like HubSpot, Hootsuite, and Mailchimp. 

Pricing Plans
Key Features
  • Enables Syncing And Tracking Of All Emails 
  • Drafts Professional And Personalized Emails With AI Assistance 
  • Efficiently Manages Communication- Tracks Leads And Other Activities Like Calls, Meetings, Team Performance, And Notes 
  • Custom Reporting-Dashboards For Sales Progress, Figures, And Performance 
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting 
  • Track And Manage Goals 
  • Import Data (Leads, Customer Contacts, Etc.) Easily
  • Provides Alerts In Case Of A Data-Overlap 
  • Identifies And Merges Duplicate Data  
  • An In-Built Automated Response System for Every Call 
  • User-friendly software that is simple to operate and understand. 
  • Powerful software automating workflows with excellent customer support. 
  • Project management ease- set timelines and choose colours to distinguish each project.  
  • Some workflows were reported missing from the system. 
  • Gmail integration difficulties.  
  • Unreliable automations that go unnoticed if they do not work. 

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What does MailChimp do?

MailChimp assists companies by improving customer value through customer journey tracking (tracks browser and purchasing history) and personalized emails. Additionally, generative AI tools help businesses create branded content from a variety of professional templates to choose from. MailChimp makes it easier for businesses to target customers based on buying patterns, budgets, and other predictable characteristics. Lastly, customized reports, sales funnel visuals, and measuring business performance help organizations gain valuable insights and market opportunities. 

Pricing Plans
  • Free Plan 
  • Essential Plan- €12.15/month
  • Standard Plan- €18.70/month 
  • Premium Plan- €327.25/month 
Key Feartures
  • Data Security And Privacy- GDPR-Compliant 
  • Generates Orders And Leads With An Automated Customer Journey-Builder
  • In-Built Automations That Assist In Cross-Selling Products, Recovering Abandoned Purchases, Attracting New Customers, And Engaging Existing Ones
  • Tracks Customer Buying Intent, Responses, And Interactions 
  • Provides Immediate Customer Chat Support   
  • Segments Customers Based On Purchase Behaviors 
  • Accurate Predictions That Help Deliver Smart Strategies 
  • Quick chat-support response. 
  • Good user interface and software functionality.   
  • Delivers professional emails.  
  • Tracks and categorizes customers for different emails.  
  • Some emails accidentally end up in the spam or promotion folder. 
  • Lack of customizations in the email-builder. 
  • Not beginner-friendly. 

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Wrapping up, this concludes the top six marketing software every business needs in 2024! I’m glad you made it to the end as, it shows real commitment to refining your business strategies. Don’t wait any longer - it is time to streamline your marketing efforts with automation!

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March 1, 2024

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