How is Generative AI Being Used by B2B?


Generative AI has firmly established its presence in the realm of B2B marketing, showing no signs of fading away anytime soon. Despite its immense potential, only a handful of businesses harness AI’s power to transform simple ideas into a wealth of innovation.  

Technology today, surpasses most business functions with efficiency, speed, and accuracy, posing new challenges for the human work-force amidst the tech renaissance era. Let’s explore how the human work-force and B2B market leaders today, embrace generative AI, outperforming others in the business world. 

In today’s fast-paced world, enterprises failing to adapt to technology risk falling behind. Furthermore, many hesitate to invest in AI and use it to its fullest potential due to a lack of knowledge. Moreover, it is estimated that only two out of every five businesses grasp how AI works and successfully integrate it into their operational framework.

Understanding AI’s Landscape- Businesses Take The World By Storm 

B2B marketers swiftly recognise AI’s potential for enhancing business, surpassing initial expectations. Every business strives for engagement and brand awareness, objectives that AI effortlessly achieves. 

A staggering 75% of marketers have awakened to AI’s dominance, and are rapidly investing in gen AI for the future.

With its profound understanding of human behaviour over the years, AI algorithms effectively target and connect with the right audience. 

Look at the illustration below, and see for yourself; 

B2B Marketers And AI: How it’s being implemented 

Now that we grasp AI’s significance in garnering business success, let us take a peek at how B2B marketers are implementing AI in their business framework.   

Look at the illustration below to see the changing business landscape; 

1.Generating Content 10x Faster

Generative AI takes on complex operational tasks, working ten times faster than humans. With the machine bearing the load, 58% of B2B leaders are gifted with time to focus on high-value work and strategize their next move. 

Since ChatGPT’s inception, content marketers noticed a wave of innovation. Generating content ideas became easier and faster, and this was only a few years ago. Fast forward to today, generative AI progresses immensely taking charge of blog creation, social media content, email marketing, and newsletters. Today, an alarming 57% of B2B marketers save substantial time thanks to tech advancements.    

2. AI Increases Content Engagement

Marketers are skilled in conceptualizing a basic idea for campaign-worthy content. But, with the volumes of data today, it is increasingly difficult to determine marketing success. However, AI heroically swoops in, processes and tests data, producing accurate results. 53% report using AI to generate optimised content that engages the right audience.  

3. Conceptualising Creative Campaigns

AI processes volumes of customer data, past campaign performances, and responses to other marketing activities and leaves with a goldmine of information. AI derives insights that humans cannot produce leading to 41% of marketers using AI for conceptualizing creative campaigns and marketing strategies hitting the nail on the head. 

AI Is the Future 

AI is a game-changer in B2B marketing, empowering marketers to create personalized content that leaves a lasting impact. Check out the illustration below to see how AI revolutionizes every aspect of marketing. 


To sum up, AI is revolutionising the business world. It is time for the human workforce and B2B market leaders to embrace this change, recognising its impact on business products, services, and stakeholders at large. Generative AI is here to power bold campaigns, and those that adapt to AI will outshine those that lag.  

Thomas Arnold
March 1, 2024

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