B2B Video Marketing on LinkedIn - Jump On The Latest Trends in 2024!

B2B Video Marketing on LinkedIn - Jump On The Latest Trends in 2024!

Video marketing stands out as a highly impactful marketing strategy across diverse platforms, with B2B video marketing on LinkedIn emerging as a powerful approach. 

Taking professional engagement to the next level, industry experts showcase their products and services with ease to growing audiences. Moreover, the drive for change started with the need to provide engaging content that sparks a conversation. 

Currently, LinkedIn is at the forefront of technology and encourages its users to utilize the power of AI, AR, and personalized content ensuring users engage with branded content tailored for them. Let’s learn from the innovative strategies B2B marketers employ on LinkedIn.  

Why Is B2B Video Marketing On LinkedIn The Best Approach? 

90% of B2B marketers are jumping on the video bandwagon for brand awareness through lead generation. Delivering top-notch quality holds an audience’s attention like a deer caught in headlights. Moreover, there is a 14% hike in purchase intent on LinkedIn owing to audience quality. 

Name a better landscape to implement B2B video strategies if not LinkedIn

I’ll wait…

LinkedIn’s algorithm is designed to promote professional knowledge-sharing content, and marketers are chiming in to capitalize on this opportunity. 

How do I make stand-out video content on LinkedIn?

Short-form video wins

Shorter LinkedIn B2B videos yield superior results for consideration campaigns while videos of varying lengths excel for awareness and conversion campaigns.  


Introduce your branding in the first two seconds

Introduce your brand elements within two seconds of the video commencing as it effectively increases CTR by 17%.  

The illustration below is a helpful guide; 

Figure 1 Source

Craft a story around your video

Craft your B2B video around a story and add a human element. For instance, creating a B2B video while, taking a stroll in a park or chatting with a friend! This encourages conversation by establishing strong connections with a user. 

Look at the illustration below for more tips on personalised content; 

Figure 2 Source

Contrasting colours 

Vibrant contrasting colours are the best in achieving upper-funnel awareness objectives.  

Deliver valuable information to the audience

It is common to hold back on sharing exciting business developments but, revealing product demos, sneak-peaks, and previews of business activities enhances lead generation.

How do I measure success on LinkedIn?

Creating quality content and sharing it with the world is crucial, but measuring how content performs is equally as important. 

How customers perceive content is changing rapidly which requires a reassessment of metrics used to measure success. Metrics like Views or CTR only scratch the surface. Subsequently, analytical tools today produce metrics with vital customer behaviour insights;  

  • Watch Time - Understand how long viewers watch your content.  
  • Interaction Rate - Go beyond likes, and examine how viewers interact with CTA’s, links, or embedded content. 
  • Engagement Over Time- Pinpoint specific timestamps in the video that either captivate attention or, experience a drop-off, and refine content accordingly.  

Where do I find these metrics?

You can track all of these metrics on your LinkedIn dashboard! 

Which companies do great video marketing on LinkedIn? 

Maersk Line 

Figure 3 Watch Full Video  

Maersk Line, the world’s largest shipping company, creates a compelling video backed up by stunning visuals and moving stories of the company’s employees. As the video progresses, employees of various backgrounds share the benefits of working with Maersk Line, a company for everyone.  


Figure 4 Watch Full Video 

Positive customer testimonials are the best way to advertise your business. HubSpot’s client ShoreTel, talks about the experience of integrating HubSpot with their inbound marketing systems with, the benefits of operational ease. ShoreTel’s daunting days of complex systems are over with HubSpot emerging as the hero.


Figure 5 Watch Full Video 

Featuring an Oscar winner Jeff Bridges, the video takes us through a calming ASMR. The visuals and audio are smooth and serene exhibiting what viewers can expect. The video advertises SquareSpace creating Jeff Bridge’s website- ‘Sleeping Tapes Project’, ending with a CTA to further explore his website. 

Fifth Story 

Figure 6 Watch Full Video 

Fifth Story, a Canadian marketing agency, creates an action-packed video showcasing the reputable clients they work with and the services provided. From animation to motion graphics and live action, viewers are taken on a thrilling animated adventure of the company. 


Figure 7 Watch Full Video 

Slack creates a video campaign with a satirical customer testimonial that takes the viewers on the different uses of Slack, and how it maximizes business efficiency. Packed with funny dialogues, the video is both entertaining and informative. 


To sum up, elevate your video quality by drawing inspiration from industry experts and staying ahead of LinkedIn’s latest trends in 2024. Craft informative and engaging videos tailored to resonate with your target audience. 

Thomas Arnold
March 3, 2024

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