8 Software That Marketing Managers Need in 2024 

8 Software That Marketing Managers Need in 2024 

Are you a marketing manager eager to leave a mark in your industry?

Today’s fast-paced business landscape has high demands requiring businesses to constantly upskill and stay ahead of the curve – to deliver value to their target customer online.

The easiest way to get more productivity from your work day is to leverage technology – hence why we’ve curated a list of helpful software products for marketing managers in 2024. From cutting-edge advertising tools to software solutions, we have you covered. Take charge of your marketing strategies, and explore these game-changing resources! 

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Industry: Design Services 

Figma’s Popular Products: 
  • UI &UX Design 
  • Wireframing 
  • Diagraming 
  • Online whiteboard 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Agile workflows 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Mind and concept mapping 
  • Organisation charts 
  • Design templates 
What Does Figma Do? 

Figma is an innovative design solution that empowers teams to collaborate seamlessly through the product design process. Marketing managers need  efficiency, particularly in hybrid or remote work set-ups. Figma creates this through workflow efficiency, where team members are notified of every step of the design process. 

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TikTok for Business

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Industry: Entertainment  

TikTok’s Popular Products: 
  • Advertising - In-feed Ads, Top-View Ads, Branded Ads, and Custom Ads  
  • Creatives - Creative Centre, Creator Market Place, Creative Exchange, and Creative Tools 
  • Commerce - Video Shopping Ads, and TikTok Store 
  • Measurement – Attribution Analytics, Multi-touch Attribution, and Post-purchase Surveys   
What Does TikTok for Business Do? 

TikTok has emerged as a breakout marketing platform since its explosive growth post-pandemic.  The popularity of short-form videos has proven particularly effective in conveying concise messages to an entertainment-seeking audience. With TikTok for Business, marketing managers can learn the tools to increase organic reach, and engagement to grow a loyal audience. 

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Industry: Software Development  

Salesforce’s Popular Products: Enterprise Cloud Computing and Customer Relationship Management 

What Does Salesforce Do? 

Salesforce, a cloud-based software, is designed to boost sales, close deals, and enhance the customer journey. Their Customer 360 product line integrates sales, customer service, marketing, commerce, and IT teams for a unified view of customer data enabling stronger relationships amongst teams and customers alike. Moreover, their CRM platform Sales Cloud, targets sales teams sharing customer data and analytics, features highly valuable to marketing managers aiming for targets and business growth. 

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Industry: Information Technology

Slack’s Popular Products: Enterprise Collaboration 

What Does Slack Do? 

Marketing teams continuously adapt to the dynamic evolution of digital interaction and collaboration. Slack facilitates this evolution with its data-sharing capabilities. Whether teams work remotely or in person, Slack serves as a cornerstone platform, enabling seamless communication, meetings, and file sharing among colleagues. Its intuitive interface streamlines workflows ensuring efficiency within marketing teams to coordinate and execute strategies with precision. 

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Industry: Design & Software Development  

Canvas Popular Products: Graphic Design, Free Design Templates, Website Creation, Software Engineering, And Product Design. 

What Does Canva Do? 

In the realm of modern marketing, creative prowess is key. Marketing managers seek versatile skill sets amongst their workforce, and Canva, the hub for technology and innovation, lends a helping hand. Its user-friendly interface and flexible design tools empower marketers to effortlessly create or customize visual assets, even with minimum design expertise. 

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Final Cut Pro by Apple   

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Industry: Computers and Electronics Manufacturing   

Final Cut Pro’s Popular Products: Video Editing, Organising and Sorting Tools, Motion Graphics, Audio Enhancers, And Multiple File Delivery In Any Format. 

What Does Final Cut Pro Do? 

Final Cut Pro sets new standards in post-production, offering cutting-edge features like 360o video editing, motion graphics, 4K HDR support, and advanced colour correction tools. Marketing managers typically are not involved in the planning, shooting, and editing process but having a grasp of mainstream software like Final Cut Pro is beneficial. Primarily focused on post-production, it serves many marketing purposes like, enhancing a video’s reach by adding captions. It is truly a game-changer in the realm of media-driven marketing. 

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Industry: E-Commerce

Shopify’s Popular Products: Shopify- Enterprise, Plus, Partners, Developers, and Retail Stores.   

What Does Shopify Do? 

While business transactions were traditionally associated with B2C, e-commerce changed this landscape and is now a rising force in B2B as businesses are becoming stand-alone bodies. Marketing managers rely on Shopify to handle their online stores and solution pages. Start, Sell, Market, and Manage- Shopify empowers all types of startups effortlessly. 

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Industry: Software Development  

Sprinkler’s Popular Products: Sprinkler- Service, Social, Marketing, and Insights 

What Does Sprinkler Do? 

For modern marketers, having access to customer data is crucial. In today’s data-driven environment, accessing relevant data becomes increasingly challenging. Enter Sprinklr: leverage AI and cutting-edge technology that provides a real-time comprehensive view of customer insights and metrics. This empowers marketers to make informed decisions confidently, backed by real-time data. 

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That wraps up our rundown of the 8 software products for marketing managers in 2024. Confidently embrace the tech era by leveraging industry-leading tools and software to elevate your B2B game! For more insightful updates and business-related content, explore Fearless Media’s blog page.

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March 1, 2024

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