Unleashing Power: The Katie Power Story


Fearless Media is delighted to present a video production showcasing the decorated Kilkenny camogie player, Katie Power, for our Bourke Sports. This project takes viewers on an immersive journey into the heart of GAA athleticism, emphasizing power, speed, and fearlessness.


The primary objective of this project was to showcaseKatie Power as a standout athlete while simultaneously highlighting Bourke Sports' commitment to supporting and empowering exceptional talents in the world of GAA. We shot on-site at Katie's local GAA club, and aimed to capture the essence of her dedication, skill, and spirit as a camogie player.

Key Features:

  1. Local Filming: The team had the privilege of working closely with Katie Power at her local GAA club, allowing us to intimately capture the essence of her training, skill, and the unique environment that shaped her athletic journey.
  2. Dynamic Cinematography: Our team employed a dynamic and energetic visual style to convey the power, speed, and courage that define Katie's playing style - immersing the audience in the intensity of camogie.
  3. Bourke Sports Integration: Throughout the video, we seamlessly integrated Bourke Sports apparel, showcasing how their products align with the demands of elite athletes like Katie. The collaboration underscores the brand's dedication to supporting and enhancing the performance of athletes at the pinnacle of their game.
  4. Efficient Turnaround: Fearless Media prides itself on efficiency without compromising quality. From ideation to shooting and editing, we completed the entire production process within three weeks, ensuring a timely delivery without compromising the creative vision.

Fearless Media is honoured to have collaborated with Bourke Sports and Katie Power on this project. "Unleashing Power" stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between elite athletes and visionary sports brands, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and reinforcing Bourke Sports' commitment to excellence in sports apparel.

Thomas Arnold

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